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The Canadian Society of Marine Artists is dedicated to those Canadian artists who have been and always will be inspired by our oceans and lakes, our ships and those who sail in them.

Take a virtual tour of the art in our gallery at "The Victory" with this slideshow.

Our 35th Annual Exhibition of the Canadian Society of Marine Artists, with the themeof Romanceof the Sea, will open on the 4th of May, with a Vernissage and will continue until the end of July. Paintings and scrimshaw from last year's exhibition can be seen in the catalogue for 2017.
The second floor gallery also features more paintings by the members of the Canadian Society of Mairne Artists.

"Marine art has been traced back some 5,500 years. Still after all these years painters who love and respect the sea are drawn to record its occasions.  Canadians have shown their love and interest for Marine Art for many years and we continue to strengthen and broaden this interest."

John M. Horton, founding President.

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Our gallery is graciously managed by the Naval Marine Archive and we are continually expanding our collections - supporting membership would be sincerely welcomed.

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