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Jean Leroux graduated from the École des beaux-arts de Montréal in the mid 1950s. He then started his professional career as a sign painter. In the mid 1960s he joined Radio-Canada initially as a mural painter for set backgrounds in television studios. From the late 70s until his retirement, he finished his career as a set designer in the scenic department.

Fascinated by the ocean waves, he always painted transatlantic sailboats and ocean liners. His style combines accurate reproduction of the vessel with his own personal interpretation of the sky and sea.

Jean was elected to the Canadian Society of Marine Artists in 2015.


New: slide show of Jean Leroux's work currently in the galleries at The Victory.


Below are some more of his paintings that have previously been exhibited at The Victory, and some of which are now in private collections.


Packet Ship
Oil 18"x 18"
remorqueur Remorqueur bravant la houle
Oil 12" x 16"
SS Champlain
Oil 14"x 18"
closed hauled Grand largue dans l'atlantique
Oil 20"x 16"
RMS Empress of Scotland
Oil 20"x 16"
Empress of Scotland
aquitania Aquitania
La Traversée de la Manche
Oil 16" x 16"



artwork etching
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